With a proud history that can be traced back to our creation, the Kata-Kert Kft represents a long tradition of quality, innovation, and customer service. The company takes immense pride in its grand heritage which it considers its leading responsibility to preserve, having grown from modest beginnings to become a prominent player in the global agri-based business as a preferred producer and supplier in the industry.
One cannot discuss the company without reference to the family which made its fortunes, farsighted individuals who translated their ambitions into potent reality and earnings for the company a position of leadership in the annals of commercial enterprise. A key figure in Company’s rise to prominence is its founder, Kata-Kert Kft.
A rich heritage that roots back to our origin, the Kata-Kert Kft represents a long tradition of quality, innovation and excellent customer service. We take immense pleasure in our grand heritage and consider it our leading responsibility to preserve it.
Our Mission:
We aim to grow through partnerships and maintain an uncompromising approach towards excellence which includes inculcating an indomitable drive, a relentless determination and a persistent delivery standard in every aspect of the business.
Our Vission:
We envision leaving an enduring mark of excellence on the global map by providing quality products and services that are analogous to our heritage.